Re: MXSF 2007: Interview with Irene Au

元Yahoo!のVP of UED、Ireneのインタビュー記事。インタビュアーはJeffery Veen。二人とも今はGoogle。
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    IA: Electrical engineering background, but it wasn’t for me. Wanted to focus more on the impact of technology and people. Made way to human-computer interaction. A lot of the research at the time was about web, web technologies. Went from University of Illinois to Netscape. Netscape Communicator 4. Then went to Yahoo. The really fascinating projects were the stuff that was going on inside the viewfinder (the browser). Yahoo had just acquired 411 and realized what they were doing was going beyond the directory of the web. Was a small group of graphic designers there and producers would come a week before a product launched and wanted graphics and layout. I wanted to improve the experiences earlier.
記事中のIAはIAのことではなく、Irene Auの略。ややこい(w

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