What I've been up to /最近のわたくし

It's been almost a month since I last update my blog. (not good for the lifelog ;P)

Just before 3.11, many things has changed around not only me, but around my entire family.
After knowing that my wife's cancer is not a easy one, the way I used to do, to prioritize, or to organize has been changed dramatically.

Specially like the things normally I was doing online (like reading RSS, following tweets, uploading flickr!, blogging, etc) became one of the least thing I would do. Well sort of, for keeping and sharing the good moment with my friends, I try to post photos as many as possible. That's probably the only thing I was trying to do these days...

Anyway, the situation seems settle down a bit: the anti-cancer chemical treatment for my wife is doing well for now, finished second rounds on April 26th. (she's been hospitalized every 3 weeks) and her body isn't reject the chemical (at least for now). Her monthly immunotherapy seems helping keep up her guts for the fight, and her radiation hormesis (3 days a week) is really keeping her energy and feeling well.

Talking about Komorizo, probably because he's spending a lot of time with many adult?, his capability of talk (vocabulary) becomes unbelievable. Can't think he is still 2 yrs and 5 months! (well, he will be 2.5 yrs old on May 5th). And his private school will start from the middle of the next week (finally!)

For myself, I'm finally getting used to this life cycle. Doing "mom's work" was tough!
For the first month, I couldn't stay awake after 10 PM!!
I really admire all Mothers who's taking care of everything. My God, how easy job was to go to the office and just doing the work at the desk!!
I thought I've been doing the complex projects (like clean-up biz, forming the streaming plans, in-house information restructuring, etc), well taking care of house work is much harder. :D

Oh, for the last, I was lucky that I was living near my parents house.
So we've temporary move into my parents home now, leaving our new house. But big thanks to our lovely friend @yukop, she was kind enough to move into our place, and is taking care of both Miyasama the cat and the house which is under large-scale repairmen until September...

Well, hope I can slowly restart my engine, and gear-up to second gear after Golden Week.
Let's see.




by nobsato | 2011-05-03 16:45 | Personal

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