Re: Clark Kokich Promoted to CEO of Avenue A | Razorfish

MSとの合併騒ぎ以降すっかり日本のメディアでも音沙汰なくなりましたが、長らくWordwide Presidentという謎なタイトル(といってもグローバルエージェンシーではたまにあるポジション)だったAARFのクラークさんが、晴れてCEOになりました。
  • Avenue A | Razorfish: Clark Kokich Promoted to CEO of Avenue A | Razorfish
    SEATTLE - July 25, 2007 - Clark Kokich has been promoted to CEO of Avenue A | Razorfish, it was announced today. Kokich has held the title of worldwide president for the past two years at Avenue A | Razorfish


    "Clark has been the driving force behind Avenue A | Razorfish's success in an exploding industry," said Brian McAndrews, president and CEO of aQuantive. "He has the unique ability to motivate not only employees of Avenue A | Razorfish – continually getting them to question 'what’s possible' in the digital marketplace – but he also has been a catalyst for clients, encouraging them to push their own digital envelope. This promotion reflects the tremendous success Clark and his leadership team have had, first in building the leading interactive agency in the U.S., and now in steering the company’s rapid global expansion program."

by nobsato | 2007-07-26 20:40 | News Clip

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