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Re: Are You Passionate About Interaction Design and Design Thinking?

  • Digital Design Blog: Are You Passionate About Interaction Design and Design Thinking?
    Do you believe that digital means more than websites? Do you enjoy designing applications equally as much as presenting at industry conferences? Do you want to tackle transformational initiatives for some of the best know brands in the world? Do you feel ready to lead an innovative team of interaction designers and consumer researchers? Does the phrase “tag cloud” delight you?

    If so, then we have a Director-Level User Experience position on the West Coast available for you.
  • Avenue A | Razorfish Careers: Experience Director
    Avenue A | Razorfish is one of the largest interactive agencies in the world and currently have more than 2,000 employees in 20 offices in seven countries (Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) focusing exclusively on digital marketing and technology. Each office is filled with opportunities for people who want to invent the digital future. It's a big challenge, but it's a big Internet, and there's work to be done.

    Our User Experience Community is seeking passionate, strong willed, pragmatic yet innovative leader who can see the forest, through the trees, through the forest and the little lady bug sitting on the leaf in front of your eyes. Strong research background and ability to boil up the pond (sometimes the ocean) to derive at strategies and insights that help lead to proprietary user centered experience design in the interactive and digital fields. Director of User Experience skills needed: ability to absorb large amounts of Business Development, philosophy, process, methodology and be able to reorient, guide, recommend. Along with the trees and the forest comes a community of highly talented best in class individuals who need a shamen, mentor and leader to help drive vision and excellent day to day execution as needed.

    Lead, set vision, and elevate the overall operations of the Seattle User Experience Team. Responsibilities include:
    • Managing the operations of the Experience Strategy, IA, User Research and Insights communities within the User Experience group.
    • Maintain a contractor network for Experience Strategy, IA, User Research, Interaction design
    • Insure overall community and Discipline team health
    • Manage overall hiring, career path management, reward and recognition plans
    • Manage overall firing, disciplinary plans working with ECD and HR
    • 50% billable

    Stand for Great Work
    Establish philosophies and methodologies for delivering User Centric Design solutions.
    • Insure all business development as it relates to User Experience needs – either hands on or through delegation
    • Advocate on projects and within solution development for Customer Centric audiences’ needs and other motivating factors — translate them into strategies and concepts for compelling interactions and experiences
    • Collaboratively inspire the development of scenarios, navigation models, and prototypes for demonstration of concepts to clients
    • Monitor, elevate and continue developing and documenting detailed information architecture and interaction designs for highly interactive interfaces to support marketing strategy, brand strategy, and desired user behaviors
    • Lead and/or participate in immersive user research, concept testing, and usability testing
    • Drive innovation, elevate quality, and establish benchmark work for clients

    • Degree in a related field, such as human-computer interaction, visual design, product design, interaction design, or technical communication
    • 7+ years experience developing interactive products
    • Demonstrated expertise in consumer or B2B eCommerce, software application interfaces, and/or interactive marketing – must include creating transaction-oriented interfaces
    • Demonstrated ability to work with templates and content management systems
    • Demonstrated experience leading and/or observing user research and usability testing and in translating results into design decisions
    • Demonstrated ability to document designs in scenarios, workflows, site architectures, interaction notes, and page template/wireframe formats. Use case and functional requirements development preferred
    • 2+ years business development experience
    • Strong user-centered design orientation
    • Strong team collaboration and facilitation skills
    • Proven ability to run a group larger than 5 people
    • Attention to detail
    • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
    • Experience in a client services environment
    • Willingness to travel

最近、Web系のコンサルティングファームでも"User Experience"ではなく"Design Thinking(デザイン思考)"って使うようになってきたみたいですね。
by nobsato | 2008-06-26 19:39 | Design

Re: Brand-Dead: Song Over, End of Ted

先日「Re: So Long, Ted」で書いたようにUnitedの格安航空Tedの運行が残念ながら終わるですが、Deltaの格安国内線ブランドSongも、実はPentagramがロゴやブランド開発してたんですね、知りませんでした。
  • frogblog: Brand-Dead: Song Over, End of Ted
    Beautiful CI and a clever name (both designed by Pentagram) smart ads, designer uniforms, better safety videos, XM satellite radio, free movies, and organic meals — all of that didn’t fly.
ところで、Songですが、先々週のIIT Insitute of DesignのOpen Houseで、Jeremy Alexi助教授がイノベーション&デザインのもっとも成功したプラクティス(事例)として紹介していました。

by nobsato | 2008-06-23 17:10 | Design

frog design、アジアの歴史(の記憶)





とりあえず、興味ある人は記念にFrog DesignのCDケース買っておきましょう:P

by nobsato | 2008-06-23 03:54 | Design

Re: 協調作業や伝達に関するワークショップ

  • ウェブホマイリー: 協調作業や伝達に関するワークショップ

    Posted by さと at 2008年06月18日 15:54
    さとさんが紹介してくれているアメリカの話ですけど、ディスカッションで論理的に負かす、という習慣を避けるためにブレストやワークショップがある、ということでしょうか? それとも、ディスカッションをより有効に行うための下地やツールとしてブレストやワークショップがある、とういことでしょか?

    Posted by ('w') at 2008年06月18日 16:39




update 19:16
ちなみに先日参加したIIT Institute of DesignのOpen Houseですが、予定2時間の学校説明の実に2/3の時間を各コースの教授と入学候補者とのディスカッションに与えられていて、英語がそんなに出来ないワタクシはビビリました。
by nobsato | 2008-06-19 18:59 | Design

Tim Brownの「デザイン思考」、PDF版がウプ

以前「Tim Brownの「デザイン思考」」で紹介したHBRの記事のPDF版がIDEOのサイトにアップされてました。

by nobsato | 2008-06-18 02:57 | Design

Re: Choosing the right tool

  • Stopdesign: Choosing the right tool
    If you start with code, you will be limited by what you know you can do with code. Whether you’re a code noob or a code snob. Because it’s just that, code. It’s a tool intended for implementing design, not necessarily one for creating design. If you start with a familiar design tool, you know sky’s the limit — anything you dream of, you know you can create or render without thinking about it too much. Starting in code, you’re immediately restricted by tighter bounds of possibilities.

by nobsato | 2008-06-07 03:00 | Design

Re: カエルの設計は上海のスタジオのための総務部長任命する

by nobsato | 2008-06-06 19:07 | Design

Re: So Long, Ted

  • New at Pentagram: So Log, Ted
    We learned yesterday that our longtime client United Airlines was closing down its low cost carrier, Ted. Like so many other airlines, United is consolidating in the face of brutally high fuel costs; integrating its operations in this way will permit substantial savings.
    Re: So Long, Ted_a0006681_1713446.jpg

新しいビジネスクラスのキャビンデザインのビデオとかかっこいい。詳しくはミニサイトで。It's time to fly.
by nobsato | 2008-06-06 16:59 | Design

Tim Brownの「デザイン思考」

IDEOのCEO、Time Brownがハーバードビジネスレビュー(HBR)に「デザイン思考(Design Thinking)」を寄稿。
  • [...] Sometimes the trigger for a project is leadership’s recognition of a serious change in business fortunes. In 2004 Shimano, a Japanese manufacturer of bicycle components, faced flattening growth in its traditional high-end road-racing and mountain-bike segments in the United States. The company had always relied on technology innovations to drive its growth and naturally tried to predict where the next one might come from. This time Shimano thought a high-end casual bike that appealed to boomers would be an interesting area to explore. IDEO was invited to collaborate on the project. [...]
    Tim Brownの「デザイン思考」_a0006681_1252394.gif

by nobsato | 2008-05-30 12:44 | Design

[Book] AXIS 06月号


AXIS (アクシス) 2008年 06月号 [雑誌]
Cover Interview ステファノ・マルツァーノ

Topics 未来のビジョンをいかにして描くか
1月26日から2月3日まで、「スキン: フィリップスデザイン[プローブ]プロジェクト」展がアクシスギャラリーで開催された。会期中は連日デモンストレーションを実施し、総入場者数は9日間で約1,800人を数えた。企業が主催するデザイン展ながら製品化とはかけ離れた内容に、興味や期待を寄せた人々は多かったようだ。


by nobsato | 2008-05-29 01:36 | Design