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Re: FTC Clears Microsoft's $6 Billion AQuantive Buyout

  • SmartMoney.com: FTC Clears Microsoft's $6 Billion AQuantive Buyout
    SEATTLE (AP)--Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) $6 billion acquisition of online advertising group aQuantive Inc. (AQNT) has cleared an antitrust regulatory hurdle, the companies said Friday.

    The Federal Trade Commission mandates a waiting period to review anticompetitive fallout from large mergers. In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Friday, aQuantive said the waiting period passed without requests for further information from the FTC.

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Re: DNA to Rebrand as Avenue A | Razorfish

  • DNA to Rebrand as Avenue A | Razorfish
    SEATTLE - June 28, 2007 - DNA is to rebrand as Avenue A | Razorfish as part of a move to align the worldwide capabilities of the organization. Avenue A | Razorfish, the largest interactive marketing services firm in the US, acquired DNA in December 2005.

    DNA is one of the longest standing names in the UK digital market having been founded in 1996 as part of the advertising agency Leagas Shafron Davis.

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aQuantive, Adding Two Toms

  • aQuantive Appoints Two New Vice Presidents: Woods, Phillips Join Global Digital Marketing Company
    SEATTLE – June. 26, 2007 – Seattle-based aQuantive, Inc. (NASDAQ:AQNT), today announced Tom Woods has joined the company as vice president of business planning and analysis; and Tom Phillips has joined as vice president of communications. aQuantive is a global digital marketing company that helps marketers acquire, retain and grow customers across all digital media through its three distinct business units, including Avenue A | Razorfish, Atlas and DRIVEpm.
Woods will oversee revenue accounting, accounts receivable, credit/collections, budgeting and long-range financial planning. In addition, he will be responsible for performing the financial analysis of potential future acquisitions the company might be involved in.
Phillips will be responsible for directing strategy and implementation of aQuantive’s external and internal communications programs.

About aQuantive
aQuantive, Inc. is a global digital marketing company founded in 1997 to help marketers acquire, retain and grow customers across all digital media. It is the parent company of Avenue A / Razorfish, the largest interactive agency in the U.S., and five international agencies, DNA, Amnesia, NEUE DIGITALE, e-Crusade and Duke; Atlas, provider of integrated digital marketing technologies and expertise; and DRIVEpm and Franchise Gator, performance media and behavioral targeting businesses.
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Re: Microsoft Buys aQuantive: The Future Of Avenue A | Razorfish Is Unclear

  • Forrester Research: Microsoft Buys aQuantive: The Future Of Avenue A | Razorfish Is Unclear
    Microsoft's announced that it will acquire aQuantive, the parent company of Avenue A | Razorfish. It's clear that Microsoft wants the digital advertising tools and services of aQuantive's Atlas and DRIVEpm business units, but it's not clear that it wants the Web site design services that come as part of the deal. The likely result is that the Web site design part of the business will ultimately be spun off. Current clients of Avenue A | Razorfish should stay the course on work in progress but pay extra attention to training and documentation in case projects need to be passed off. Prospects should protect themselves by defining penalties for key staff members who leave a project and by breaking larger projects into smaller phases. What happens next? Recruiters will swoop in on Avenue A | Razorfish in the hopes of scooping up scarce talent, and suitors will surface in the hopes of acquiring a top-notch, newly spun-off firm.


日本ではi今やもうAvenue A/Razorfish自体がそんなに有名ではない(笑)のであれですが、海外のインタラクティブマーケット(Webデザイン界隈)では、絶対的なポジションがあるので、わりと海外での話題は、Avenue A/Razorfishどうなる?ってのが多いみたいです。
#AtlasがMSに移ってもそれはそれ(謎)って感じの受け方が多いみたいですね。日本語のページで追っているのは今のところAd Innovatorぐらい?
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Re: Sapient Releases Bridgetrack To Meet Demand For Ad Server Alternative 【訂正】

Re: Sapient Releases Bridgetrack To Meet Demand For Ad Server Alternative 【訂正】_a0006681_21492169.jpgうちも買ってくれ!(違)と言わんばかりに、いまやかなり遅れ劣っている遅れをとっている元米国“ザ・No.1カンパニー”、米Sapientもアドサーバー(第三者広告配信)を始めました。

サービスとしては7年前からのようです。まので実際には去年買収したPlanning Group Internationalがもっていた、Experience Marketingサービスの一環のようですが。
  • Sapient Releases Bridgetrack® To Meet Demand For Ad Server Alternative
    Proprietary BridgeTrack Media Optimization Toolset – Proven in 25,000 Interactive Campaigns over Seven Years -- Now Offered As Standalone Product

    CAMBRIDGE, MA – May 22, 2007 – Following seven years of development and 25,000 interactive campaigns for clients including Citibank, Motorola and Celebrity Cruises, Sapient (Nasdaq: SAPE) today announced that it will make its BridgeTrack® server available as a standalone product. More information on BridgeTrack and its powerful feature set can be found at www.bridgetrack.com.

    BridgeTrack – which was initially developed and refined exclusively for Sapient’s Interactive Practice -- is now immediately available to traditional and interactive advertising agencies as well as in-house media buyers and marketers.


    “Advertising agencies, marketers and publishers are concerned about the wave of proposed deals involving Microsoft - aQuantive, Google - Double Click and others. Advertisers and marketers who use ad servers from Double Click and aQuantive to measure the impact of different types of media -- including Google search and MSN -- are worried about loss of objectivity and conflict of interest. Publishers in direct competition with Google are reluctant to embrace Double Click’s tools for fear of sharing sensitive information with ‘the enemy.’”
Google - DoubleClickから始まったオンライン広告業界の激震ですが、本当にMicrosoft - aQuantiveの合併が行われたら、広告メディアと広告配信、広告代理店、広告制作が全て同じ傘の下で行われるわけで、そうなると大きな傘に入ってより「情報」を持っている方が勝ちなわけですが、この分野に関しては、日本は本当に遅れてるように感じます。

そのデータを効果的にマーケティングに利用したインタラクティブ広告やブランド開発能力と企業サイトやトランザクショナルサイトの開発力がAvenue A/Razorfishの強み名わけですが、そういう意味でも日本の制作会社は遅れているなぁ、と思ってみたり。

Sapient will continue to offer digital marketing services through its Sapient Interactive unit. Ranked as the second largest digital agency in North America by Advertising Age for the second consecutive year, Sapient provides a full range of services, including interactive experiences, online and offline media strategy, real-time campaign optimization, sophisticated analytics and database management as well as web site design and delivery.
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Re: マイクロソフト、米オンライン広告会社を60億ドルで買収へ 【更新】

  • IBTimes: マイクロソフト、米オンライン広告会社を60億ドルで買収へ

    aQuantive社は米国の先駆的なインターネット広告社で、ウェブサイト上への広告掲載に関する優れた技術を有している。また同社はAvenue A/Razorfishというオンライン広告の売買、製作を行う大きなオンライン広告代理店も有している。



その他のニュース記事はこちら。Avenue A/Razorfishからの正式なリリースは週内に発表があるようです。あ、daarfの社長ブログにもエントリがありますが、ここから電通がどう出るか、興味津々です:)
update 2007-06-12 07:11
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Re: Microsoft Nabs aQuantive for $6 Billion in Cash 【訂正】

  • AdAge.com: Microsoft Nabs aQuantive for $6 Billion in Cash
    NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Microsoft has acquired aQuantive in an all-cash deal worth $6 billion early this morning.

    Microsoft had earlier lost out on the bidding for DoubleClick to Google. AQuantive's assets include the Atlas ad server, the second largest of its type in the country and the only other ad server with an agency product that has scale.

    Avenue A/Razorfish
    AQuantive also includes creative and media services through its Avenue A/Razorfish division -- it recently broke into the top 10 marketing organizations, as recently ranked by Advertising Age, the first time a dedicated interactive organization had cracked the list.
最初に手を上げたくせに結局、GoogleにDoubleClickもって行かれたわけですが、(24/7 Realmediaは英WPPにもって行かれたばかり。)、MS打って出ましてね!
  • Yahoo! News: Microsoft to buy aQuantive for $6B
    REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. said Friday it will buy online advertising firm aQuantive Inc. for about $6 billion in cash, paying a premium to catch up with major ad deals by its competitors over the last six weeks. Shares of aQuantive soared more than 77 percent.

    It is the largest acquisition in the software company's history, said Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft's platforms and services division, in a conference call following the announcement.


    With about 2,600 employees, aQuantive will continue to operate from its Seattle headquarters as part of Microsoft's online services business. The company, which operates marketing services firm Avenue A/Razorfish, reported 2006 profit of $54 million on sales of $442.2 million.

MSN adCenterとAtlasが連動するってなんかやな感じ。(まぁ、MSNのメディア価値は上がるでしょうが…)

  • 仏Publicis Groupe - 独Digitas
  • Yaoo! - Right media
  • Google - DoubleClick
  • Interpublic Group - Reprise Media
  • 英WPP - 24/7 Real Media
  • Microsoft - aQuantive
  • AOL - Third Screen Media, 独Adtech


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update 2007-06-12 07:06
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Re: Avenue A Razorfish including Amnesia scoop 10 webbys

オーストラリアの支社(になるのか?)Amnesia blogより。
  • Avenue A Razorfish including Amnesia scoop 10 webbys
    Re: Avenue A Razorfish including Amnesia scoop 10 webbys_a0006681_15373619.jpgIn total there are four finalsist entries:

    Summer of Love (German office) - Arts catagory
    Adidas Sports Tyle Y-3 Reflections (German office) - Arts catagory
    NYTimes.com (New York office) - is up for two awards (Best Newspaper and Peoples Voice award)

    We were honorees across the following catagories:

    Breville (San Franisco) – Consumer Electronics
    Coors Light “Dirk Series” (Portland) – Interactive Advertising Campaign: Banner/Rich Media category
    Lipton Brain Train (Sydney, Amnesia) - Health
    Sony Full HD (CA) – Consumer Electronics
    StoptheFlu.org (Philadelphia) – Health
    Xbox 360 (Sydney, Amnesia) - Broadband
    XMRadio.com (NYC) – Radio

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Aveune A | Razorfish、仏インタラクティブエージェンシー、Dukeを買収 【更新】

再び拡大路線まっしぐら!って感じでとどまるところ知らずの勢いのAvenue A/Razrofish、今度はパリのDukeを手に入れました!
  • Avenue A / Razorfish, a unit of Seattle-based aQuantive, announced today that it has acquired Duke, an independent interactive agency out of Paris. The deal is worth €6 million in cash plus an earnout arrangement from profits over the next three years. According to the firms Duke expects revenues of $12-$14M US for 2007. Duke provides online branding, strategy, marketing, and other services to clients such as Nissan, McDonald’s, Nike and Procter and Gamble.
まぁ、去年の段階でInternational Managerの募集要項に「日本とフランスでの提携先をむずぶこと。日本語とフランス語が出来ればなおよし!」というのがまんま入ってたので(w
Aveune A | Razorfish、仏インタラクティブエージェンシー、Dukeを買収 【更新】_a0006681_4351126.jpg

update 05:15
  • Matthieu de Lesseux (Duke) : l'interview JDN
    Matthieu de Lesseux
    "Les agences françaises doivent exiger les moyens d'être créatives"
    L’agence interactive indépendante Duke est l’une des rares agences françaises à figurer dans les palmarès créatifs internationaux en 2005. Un bilan éclairé par son co-président, Matthieu de Lesseux, qui fustige le comportement de certains annonceurs français mais fait aussi l’auto-critique des agences. Développement de la vidéo, évolution du métier, bonnes pratiques, Matthieu de Lesseux élargit le champ des constats et confie sa vision du marché des agences interactives.
  • L'expérience PSP: Découvrez toutes les possibilités de la PSP (PlayStation Portable)

インタビュー記事はGoogle Translate使ってみますた。さすが、同じラテン語!翻訳まったく問題なくってびっくらこ、Google Translateで欧米、ぜんぜんオッケーじゃんっ!
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米Yahoo! 2nd Searchlight Awardの結果発表

米Yahoo!のSearchlight Awardの結果発表がありました。今年は30社以上のトップエージェンシーからの応募があり、見事ノミネートされたのは以下の4エージェンシー。
  • Sprint-Talladega Nights, presented by NeoSearch
  • Special K, presented by Starcom
  • Lexus All-new LS Launch, presented by TeamOne
  • Chase Freedom, presented by Avenue A Razorfish
米Yahoo! 2nd Searchlight Awardの結果発表_a0006681_1957664.jpgYahoo! Searchlight Awardは、米Yahoo!での検索広告に対してエージェンシーが依頼主の広告出稿に打った「策」の中からもっとも技術的にもアイデア(仕掛け)的にも、優れたものをその年の最優秀作品として、その場のプレゼンテーションと審査員とのディスカッションを見た上で会場にいるオーディエンス(エージェンシー)が投票する形で評価する、というアワードです。



結果は、審査委員を務めたGreg Sterlingのページ、Screenwerkから。
  • Yahoo! Searchlight Awards: Surprise Winner
    All four agencies presented campaigns that contained elements of traditional media, online display advertising and search. Chase/Avenue A was the winner, mainly because their discussion of search was the most complete and compelling — with the most granular information about the performance of the campaign in search.


    The Avenue A guys (who also presented last year) did a terrific job in their explanation of the process of how they sold the client, Chase, on spending more on “generic” search terms that were expensive (i.e., “Credit Card”) as part of a branding strategy. (A DR mindset wouldn’t justify the spend because the ROI wasn’t there in terms of customer acquisitions.) And they did a study with Yahoo! to back up their branding position, which was supported by data showing consumer recall and brand lift.

たしかに試しに超一般的な言葉である"Credit Card"の検索結果ページのそこらがChaseにリンクしてまんがな。。。
米Yahoo! 2nd Searchlight Awardの結果発表_a0006681_538966.jpg

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