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Aveune A | Razorfish、仏インタラクティブエージェンシー、Dukeを買収 【更新】

再び拡大路線まっしぐら!って感じでとどまるところ知らずの勢いのAvenue A/Razrofish、今度はパリのDukeを手に入れました!
  • Avenue A / Razorfish, a unit of Seattle-based aQuantive, announced today that it has acquired Duke, an independent interactive agency out of Paris. The deal is worth €6 million in cash plus an earnout arrangement from profits over the next three years. According to the firms Duke expects revenues of $12-$14M US for 2007. Duke provides online branding, strategy, marketing, and other services to clients such as Nissan, McDonald’s, Nike and Procter and Gamble.
まぁ、去年の段階でInternational Managerの募集要項に「日本とフランスでの提携先をむずぶこと。日本語とフランス語が出来ればなおよし!」というのがまんま入ってたので(w
Aveune A | Razorfish、仏インタラクティブエージェンシー、Dukeを買収 【更新】_a0006681_4351126.jpg

update 05:15
  • Matthieu de Lesseux (Duke) : l'interview JDN
    Matthieu de Lesseux
    "Les agences françaises doivent exiger les moyens d'être créatives"
    L’agence interactive indépendante Duke est l’une des rares agences françaises à figurer dans les palmarès créatifs internationaux en 2005. Un bilan éclairé par son co-président, Matthieu de Lesseux, qui fustige le comportement de certains annonceurs français mais fait aussi l’auto-critique des agences. Développement de la vidéo, évolution du métier, bonnes pratiques, Matthieu de Lesseux élargit le champ des constats et confie sa vision du marché des agences interactives.
  • L'expérience PSP: Découvrez toutes les possibilités de la PSP (PlayStation Portable)

インタビュー記事はGoogle Translate使ってみますた。さすが、同じラテン語!翻訳まったく問題なくってびっくらこ、Google Translateで欧米、ぜんぜんオッケーじゃんっ!
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米Yahoo! 2nd Searchlight Awardの結果発表

米Yahoo!のSearchlight Awardの結果発表がありました。今年は30社以上のトップエージェンシーからの応募があり、見事ノミネートされたのは以下の4エージェンシー。
  • Sprint-Talladega Nights, presented by NeoSearch
  • Special K, presented by Starcom
  • Lexus All-new LS Launch, presented by TeamOne
  • Chase Freedom, presented by Avenue A Razorfish
米Yahoo! 2nd Searchlight Awardの結果発表_a0006681_1957664.jpgYahoo! Searchlight Awardは、米Yahoo!での検索広告に対してエージェンシーが依頼主の広告出稿に打った「策」の中からもっとも技術的にもアイデア(仕掛け)的にも、優れたものをその年の最優秀作品として、その場のプレゼンテーションと審査員とのディスカッションを見た上で会場にいるオーディエンス(エージェンシー)が投票する形で評価する、というアワードです。



結果は、審査委員を務めたGreg Sterlingのページ、Screenwerkから。
  • Yahoo! Searchlight Awards: Surprise Winner
    All four agencies presented campaigns that contained elements of traditional media, online display advertising and search. Chase/Avenue A was the winner, mainly because their discussion of search was the most complete and compelling — with the most granular information about the performance of the campaign in search.


    The Avenue A guys (who also presented last year) did a terrific job in their explanation of the process of how they sold the client, Chase, on spending more on “generic” search terms that were expensive (i.e., “Credit Card”) as part of a branding strategy. (A DR mindset wouldn’t justify the spend because the ROI wasn’t there in terms of customer acquisitions.) And they did a study with Yahoo! to back up their branding position, which was supported by data showing consumer recall and brand lift.

たしかに試しに超一般的な言葉である"Credit Card"の検索結果ページのそこらがChaseにリンクしてまんがな。。。
米Yahoo! 2nd Searchlight Awardの結果発表_a0006681_538966.jpg

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Re: New York Gets Googled

InformationWeekによる去年オープンしたGoogleのNew Yorkオフィスについての記事。

手短に要約すると、東海岸のTOPレベル技術者の引き抜きも相当懸念されるところでもありながら、元々IBMやBell Southなど古くからの東海岸の大手のIT系研究所もあることだし、第二のシリコンアレーブームとも呼べるこのNYのIT産業の活性化に地元も大きな期待を寄せている、という感じのようです。[謎]
  • InformationWeek: New York Gets Googled

    The Big Apple has become an epicenter of tech talent and innovation -- and Google's second home.
    Step out of New York's 14th Street subway stop, turn up Eighth Avenue, and there, in the heart of Chelsea -- amid the traffic, delis, pizzerias, and restaurants -- is Google's largest software engineering center outside of Mountain View, Calif. Within the massive former headquarters of the New York Port Authority, Google software engineers and other tech professionals work in small teams on dozens of projects, including the search company's Bigtable storage system, Spreadsheets application, and Google Print Ads marketplace for newspaper advertising.
  • InformationWeek: Googleplex East: Inside Google's New York City Headquarters, Image Gallery



ちなみに、以前のGoogleがいたTimes SquareのオフィスにはAvenue A/Razorfishが現在入居しております(w
  • AdWeek: Avenue A/Razorfish Expands in N.Y.
    Two-and-a-half years after buying Razorfish, aQuantive has consolidated its Web operations at a single location: the former New York office of Google.
    The 300 employees of Avenue A/Razorfish have moved into three connected floors of office space in Times Square, replacing three separate locations the agency previously occupied in Manhattan.

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aQuantive, Inc. Earnings Conference Call (Q4 2006)

update 23:41
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Re: Travel firms aim to speak customers' language

  • USATODAY.com : Travel firms aim to speak customers' language
    "Many companies are moving in this direction as their businesses becomes more global," says Colin Kinsella of Avenue A Razorfish, a leading online marketing agency that recently translated Singapore Airlines' website into new languages.

    The process of translating hundreds or thousands of Web pages into different languages isn't easy. Ritz-Carlton, for example, couldn't translate "It's my pleasure" into Japanese because of sexual innuendo in that language. As a result, the phrase is used only in English on all its foreign language sites, says Mary Senin, a Ritz-Carlton executive.

Re: Travel firms aim to speak customers\' language_a0006681_1262258.jpg

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このブログ同様(謎)、国内よりもむしろ海外からの注目度が高いdaarfについて、さっそく米フォレスター・リサーチ社が速報(Quick Take)としてレポート。
    On January 16, 2007, Avenue A | Razorfish (AA|RF) and Digital Palette (a Dentsu Group company) announced a capital and business alliance in Japan, which launched on February 1, 2007 as Dentsu | Avenue A | Razorfish. Despite the unwieldy name, this alliance advances the US company's plans to offer global support to multinational clients and Dentsu's ambition to expand its business in the interactive consulting field. Dentsu | Avenue A | Razorfish will have a muscular presence in the market and both sides in the alliance stand to benefit from the exchange of technology. However, it will take time to achieve the cross-fertilization of knowledge and best practices required to produce an interactive consultancy which meets the expectations of multinational customers. Dentsu | Avenue A | Razorfish will grow revenue earlier from its media agency services rather than from a fee-based interactive consultancy business model which is less accepted in Japan



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Avenue A | Razorfish Client Summit、今年も開催 【訂正】

Avenue A | Razorfish Client Summit、今年も開催 【訂正】_a0006681_16352731.jpg

去年はMicrosoftのSteve Bumllerが「Advertisers! Advertisers! Advertisers! 」と吠えまくったのが話題になりましたが、今年のスペシャルパフォーマンス、もといキーノートスピーカーは誰でしょう?

今年のテーマは「DIGITAL REINVENTION - The End of the Beginning」です。
Avenue A | Razorfish Client Summit、今年も開催 【訂正】_a0006681_16355134.jpg

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  • 3Com Ergo Audrey: Bronze, Computer Equipment
    Designers: IDEO, Razorfish and 3Com

    Client: 3Com

    Industrial designers drew inspiration from vases, kitchen appliances and other facets of domestic life when they set out to create Audrey, a simple elegant appliance that family members can use anywhere in the house to access the Internet. Although equipped with the computer-like features of a screen, keyboard, modem and ports, the Audrey also departs aesthetically from computers. The wireless keyboard hangs on a hook for ready use, a clear stylus for touch-screen use rests like an antenna in a hole in the top and a prominent knob reminiscent of old TV knobs is used to switch information areas within the user's personal domain.

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しかも、フィリピンなんて967人の囚人が組体操のごとくまじめに大行進!でさらに「Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center」でググって見ると、けっこうこのビデオ、話題になってたんですな(wいずれにしても一見の価値あり、圧巻(w
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Re: Avenue A/Razorfish Adds Japanese Outpost

daarfの件についての記事 from 某SNS(謎)のCえもん(誰)さん情報
  • The alliance gives Avenue A/Razorfish a quick entry into Japan, the second-largest Internet market in the world behind the United States. AQuantive has moved to expand Avenue A/Razorfish's international reach in the past year, acquiring agencies in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Australia.

    Clark Kokich, worldwide president of Avenue A/Razorfish, said the agency had seen success in expanding business with clients from the U.S. to other markets it has added through international acquisitions in the past year.

    "You're going to see more global interactive pitches," he said. "This will strengthen our hand in participating in those pitches."
Re: Avenue A/Razorfish Adds Japanese Outpost _a0006681_23273974.jpg

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