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Re: Google's Orkut: A World of Ambition


Google Analyticsの大胆なリニューアルの全体設計やUI設計を担当したAdaptive Pathの共同設立者でもあるJeff Veen(現在はGoogleのUser Experience Manager)、次なるメスはorkutだそうです。
  • BusinessWeek: Google's Orkut: A World of Ambition
    Other new features may be forthcoming: In the past year, Google has hired several experts who focus on making Web sites easier to use, and they've been plugging away at Orkut. One is Jeffrey Veen, co-founder of the consultancy Adaptive Path, who helped with the design of the sites Blogger, Six Apart's TypePad, and Flickr. People familiar with the matter tell BusinessWeek.com that Veen is also working on adding more social networking features to other Google sites.
by nobsato | 2007-10-10 03:46 | ExperienceDesign

Re: Nokia、デザインスタジオをインドに開設

by nobsato | 2007-08-02 17:00 | News Clip

[site] Morgan Stanley

っていうかMorgan Stanleyのサイト、Mほなみに、というかぜんぜんカッコいいぞ、こんちきしょう!こんなにかっこよかったっけか?
by nobsato | 2007-08-01 04:02 | Web

PersonaとSr. User Experienceポジション

Our UX team at morgan stanley continues to grow (15 people) and we seek a strong, all-around senior user experience analyst / designer to help our clients down the path of good design.

by nobsato | 2007-08-01 03:27 | InfoArch


さらについでというか何というか、先ほどのMicrosoft Design CenterのページでCareerという文字がが目にとまった(笑)のでクリックしてみたら、User Experience Designerのポジション、33個も募集がありました。
  • Microsoft Job Details: User Experience Manager
    Job Title: User Experience Manager
    Job Category: Product Design
    Product: Surface
    Date Posted: 07/04/2007

    Interaction Design Manager for Surface

    Are you interested in working on a product that defines the next generation of human-computer interaction? A solution that frees people to experience activities and content in a more natural way? A game-changing product that enables people to share face-to-face experiences rather than using technology in isolation? When was the last time you worked on a product that sparked the imagination and got you truly excited? MS Surface (www.microsoft.com/surface) is the answer, and the overwhelming response we got to our public announcement on May 30th confirms our beliefs.

    If you want to be inspired again, come join us. The Microsoft Surface team is looking for an experienced Interaction Design Mgr to join our multi-disciplinary User Experience team to drive great solutions for areas of this groundbreaking product. You will put your expertise around the art and science of design to full use as you manage and integrate design and usability engineering within one power-house team.

    As a software-focused Interaction Design Manager, you will be responsible for driving cross-team collaboration with the best of industrial design, program management, product planning and development from the early stages of feature planning through implementation and release. You will need to convert strategy into tactics, be creative, and negotiate design solutions that align with business goals, project constraints, and user needs. Using your abilities to identify new opportunities and generate innovative design solutions, you will create the UI for the core platform, and establish the user experience standard for this new product category.

    The right candidate will be both creative and pragmatic, with a high standard for quality. She or he must be a strong conceptual designer who can think and design engaging experiences with usability in mind. The candidate must demonstrate an ability to manage various design and usability projects while maintaining schedules and communicating team status. You will join a strong design team, as well as work closely with an extremely talented industrial design and writing staff. Your team’s high quality deliverables include information architectures, task flow diagrams, user experience goals and scenarios, usability studies, field studies, storyboards, wireframes, design concepts, interactive prototypes, design specifications, and design guidelines. Your success will be measured by design quality (useful, usable, desirable, & brand aligned), team strength, and product category UX standards.

    This is an opportunity to work on the first version of a new-to-the-world, game-changing product. Get in on the ground floor of a product team that’s making history.

Minimum 8 yrs brand centric product design and development experience in the consumer or tech industry
by nobsato | 2007-07-11 03:48 | ExperienceDesign

Re: Technology’s Untanglers: They Make It Really Work

New York Timesに職業としてのユーザビリティ専門家の重要性についての記事。
  • New York Times: Technology’s Untanglers: They Make It Really Work
    SOMETIMES there is a huge disconnect between the people who make a product and the people who use it. The creator of a Web site may assume too much knowledge on the part of users, leading to confusion.
    Enter the usability professional, whose work has recently developed into a solid career track, driven mostly by advancements in technology.

    Jobs in the usability industry are varied, as are the backgrounds of the people who hold them. The work can involve testing products in a laboratory, watching people use products in the field or developing testing methods.


記事では地球物理学者だったEric Danasの話なども載ってます。
何年もの間、石油探索業界に身をおいていてユーザビリティの重要性に気がついて大学にもどってヒューマンファクター(人間工学)とアドバンスド・インターフェースデザインの学位をとったそうで、今ではMicrosoftでUser Experienceチームを率いているそうです。へー。

人間工学とアドバンスド・インターフェースデザインの修士が豊富?にある米国らしい話ですが、MicrosoftのUser Experienceチームといえば、長年Windows関連のUXDの棟梁だったTjeerd Hoekが5月の連休前にfrog designに電撃遺跡したのが記憶に新しいです。
ついでというか何というか以前話題になったMicrosoft Design CenterのサイトのHoekのページ、更新した方がよいのではないでしょうか?まぁ、余計なお世話ですが(w
by nobsato | 2007-07-11 03:16 | InfoArch

Re: 「デザインに凝ったウェブサイトほど予約率は低かった」,星野リゾート社長が講演

  • ITpro: 【IT Japan 2007】「デザインに凝ったウェブサイトほど予約率は低かった」,星野リゾート社長が講演



by nobsato | 2007-07-11 00:02 | InfoArch

Re: I don't care about accessibility.

ヨスケ先生(誰)に「教える」と言って忘れてたJeff Veenが「アクセシビリティなんかどうでもいい」といったと言う、例のあれ。ずいぶん前のやつですが。
  • Jeffrey Veen: I don't care about accessibility.
    These days, my work generally goes as far as interaction flows and schematics. Then I hook up with a visual designer to massage the experience into a browser. And here are the things I hear from those designers:

    "Uh, yeah, we won't be able to get that menu to float over there considering the semantics of this list."


    "I'm gunna need clear descriptions for all these form groups that capture their relationships. I'll also need them for each column in this table. Can you write those, or shall I?"


    Because when Web design is practiced as a craft, and not a consolation, accessibility comes for free.
by nobsato | 2007-07-04 22:15 | InfoArch

Re: The Role of User-Experience Design in RIAs

Adobe Consultingのブログから。
  • The Role of User-Experience Design in RIAs
    If you're going to build a rich internet application, whatever technology you use, do the following:

    Hire a great User Experience designer: Flex makes it easier to develop great experiences, but you still need designer to determine what the most appropriate experience is.

    Give designer and developer opinions equal weight: Consider the role of the designer as on par with your developer. Developers need designers, and designers need developers.

    UX Design is about usability AND polish: Users' connections to an experience is more than just how easy it was to complete a task. It's also about an emotional connection. It's about how fun the experience was, and how visually engaging it was.

    Give designers the freedom to go beyond out-of-the-box: Flex includes a good set of out-of-the-box components that make it easy to develop applications. However, don't limit your designers to that component set. Let them explore and find the best solution possible. And then evaluate how expensive it would be to implement that solution against the user needs.
3つ目の「UX Design is about usability AND polish」ってのがいいですね。

by nobsato | 2007-05-07 02:55 | ExperienceDesign

Re: Envisioning the Future of User Experience

Paul J. Shermanのコラム
  • Envisioning the Future of User Experience
    Welcome to my UXmatters column—“Envision the Future.” In this column, I will share my perspectives on the role UX professionals will play in the future and answer a few forward-looking questions about the field of user experience such as:

    "What is the future of user experience as a practice, as a philosophy of design, and as a research topic?

    What are the challenges and opportunities facing UX practitioners as we strive to better integrate our methods, processes, and philosophies into traditional ideation, design, and development processes?
    “User experience happens whether someone has designed the elements influencing a user’s experience thoughtfully or accidentally."

    These are big questions. User experience happens whether someone has designed the elements influencing a user’s experience thoughtfully or accidentally. Anywhere there’s a user interface, there’s an interaction waiting to happen and a user experience about to occur.

by nobsato | 2007-05-04 21:47 | ExperienceDesign